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About Us

Finrok Group USA, is a private commercial real estate boutique mortgage banking and correspondent brokerage company, whose primary objective is to meet our borrower's needs with efficiency, flexibility and professionalism. And is engaged in the business of facilitating structured real estate commercial loans, financial consulting services and representation in both debt and equity structured participation capital. Additionally, we are also engaged in the services of consulting to assist buyers in purchasing desired property assets.


We facilitate loans to borrowers secured by commercial real estate property and committed to providing the best financial solutions for a particular situation, and believe relationship is the key to helping borrowers achieve success, and recognized that access to capital sometimes can be a monumental undertaking, as no two transactions are ever the same. We have the knowledge and the insight to guide you throughout the entire structured finance loan process and structured debt and equity participation capital process.

Our reputation, integrity and ethical approach to doing business have provided us the staying power to be involved in the global marketplace for over 25 plus years as a team. It is this team approach that gives us a great advantage needed in today's demanding financial environment.

Our Fund Managers are diligently seeking borrowers with viable projects who have experienced difficulty in obtaining the financing via conventional channels and in need of a structured finance loan or a structured equity participation capital.

Different Loan Programs for Different Needs:

Finrok Group USA, offers a full array of structured finance loan programs secured by commercial real estate. We specialize in loan programs designed to meet a variety of needs, making commercial real estate lending and structured debt and equity participation capital easy—and quick!

We believe there is a Loan for everyone!

One Call or a Quick Application is all it takes to get started.

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Finrok Group USA

Toll free: (877) 982-2744 or

(866) 496-1220 ext 240 Skype: Finrokgroup

Mike McCalla, Managing Director

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