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Special Purpose Loans 

We facilitate commercial loans for all special purpose properties including medical buildings, hotels and self storage loans. Our expertise and knowledge of these assets will simplify the lending process and target the commercial lenders that understand these assets and are competitive in this lending space. First, and some second liens; rehab and construction financing. Will consider up to 75% LTV with final LTV’s and rates determined by experience, length of ownership, cash flow and strength of real estate.

Special Purpose Building
Medical Building
Loan Features
  • Fixed or floating rates

  • Terms up to 15 years

  • Amortizations up to 30 years

  • Interest only loans

  • Non or limited recourse loans

  • Prepayment privileges

  • Interest rate locks


Hotels; Motels Buildings:

We specialize in facilitating financing for both flagged and non-flagged. Will consider both owner occupied and investment properties.

Medical Buildings; Self Storage; Warehouse:

Commercial mortgages with competitive terms are available for some special purpose properties.


Car Dealerships; Auto Buildings:

Numerous options are available when arranging car dealership financing for domestic brands and non-domestic brands. Commercial mortgages can be arranged in both primary and secondary markets.


Gas Stations:

We partner with a variety of commercial lenders that provide competitive gas station financing with flexible terms and structures. Gas station loans require expertise and the right lender to ensure a competitive offering.

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Mike McCalla, Managing Director

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