Equity Participation Capital Raise!

Structured Equity Participation Capital


We provide equity participation capital enabling the best choice in capital structuring, and will depend on numerous variables: solid company fundamentals, compelling risk and rewards, experienced management and having an attractive transaction structure.


Capital formation is heavily reliant on utilizing the appropriate structure for the specific business, industry, state of operations, and risks involved in a specific offering. 

Capital Formation is typically based on two primary structures:

  1. Equity (common equity, preferred equity, convertible preferred) or;

  2. Debt (debentures, convertible debentures);


Structure and Formulation:

  • The structure and formulation of a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) will be under "Regulation D" Program (the Offering).


  • Regulation D is a United States Federal program created under the Securities Act of 1933, indoctrinated in 1982, that allows companies the ability to raise capital through the sale of equity or debt securities (private or public stock shares).

  • Regulation D Programs were designed to provide an exemption to sell securities in a private capital raise without registering the securities, and also to provide the appropriate documentation for properly accepting and using the capital.

  • There are 3 basic "Rules" which are relied upon to raise capital. These rules allow for different amounts of capital, different types of investors and different methods for conducting an offering under the Regulation D exemption program. 


Our Mission and Process:

We offer services in USA | Canada & International for structured debt and equity participation capital raise, including security token offering (STO), an ICO for security tokens.


  • Consulting regarding the Transaction Structure and other Offering variables:

    The first phase is to develop and formulate the proposed corporate issuer, the offering structure, including consulting on key decision items and potential disclosure issues, and developing a proper structure is essential to having a successful capital raise.


  • Offering Document Drafting:

    Once the formulation structure is in place we then proceed with the custom drafting of the offering, subscription documentation and investor suitability questionnaire, including all State and some of the 30 plus foreign legends agreements, which allows investors from these regions to invest in the offering memorandum.


  • Legal Compliance by our Attorney:

    The next phase in our process is the legal formulation, compliance and disclosures, thereafter filing the necessary forms with the Security and Exchange Commission, including any State "Blue Sky" filings for compliance. 


  • Marketing and Distribution of the Offering:

    Once the offering is ready for market – we then assist with the marketing and distribution channels for the offering, including providing access to broker/dealers and exempt market dealers, private equity and private investment firms, including various other multi-media channels, and other unique structures to raise capital, leading to a timely and successful capital raise. 

Interested in a Structured Equity Participation Capital? If you are a real estate property developer or a builder in need of an equity participation capital for your project or an entrepreneur looking for equity capital for your business! Then contact us today, to learn how we can assist you facilitate a structured equity participation capital for your project or business venture. Minimum Capital Facility $25M US dollar.

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