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Our Team Members

Team Member Bio#1

Managing Director &

Chief Operating Officer

Mike McCalla

Mike brings a wealth of experience to the structured finance business and capital raise. With more than 30 plus years experience, which makes Mike an integral part of the Finrok Group team. Read Full Bio...

Team Member Bio#2

Gaspare is an accounting professional with a strong background in real estate development and capital raises. Gaspare is a highly skilled business planner and business consultant, and has raised millions of dollars in debt and equity raises. Read Full Bio...

Chief Executive Officer

Gaspare Santaguida

Team Member Bio#4

Scott has over 40 years experience of public relations and public affairs and served as a member of a Trade Policy Advisory, during which time he also chaired an Access to Capital sub-committee. Read Full Bio...

Account Executive and Advisor

Scott McDougall

Team Member Bio#3

Michael has a diversified range of experience in the capital market and trade financing, including asset based lending and advisory services for commercial enterprises in the public and private sectors. Read Full Bio...

Chief Investor Relations Officer

Michael Bogin

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