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Hard Money Loan Programs
Hard Money Loan Programs

Hard Money Loan Programs

Hard money loans provides funding for quick purchase or refinancing, foreclosure and other time-sensitive or unusual circumstances. This type of funding is almost exclusively originated by private money funds, and moves very quickly, with closings within 30 days.

Finrok Group USA utilizes a large variety of hard money lenders across the United State, Canada and International. We provide loans for the purchase or refinance of various types of commercial properties including:

  • Multi-Family

  • Construction

  • Office Buildings

  • Anchored Retail

  • Unanchored Retail

  • Land Development

  • Mixed-use Buildings

  • Industrial

  • Hospitality

  • Self-storage

  • Warehouse

  • Assisted Living 

  • Mobile RV Parks

  • Retirement Homes

If you are having difficulty obtaining conventional funding or simply need a loan closed fast with creative and flexible terms, then consider a hard money loan.


We believe there is a loan for everyone; even those with credit challenges. We have Different Loan Programs for Different Needs!

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