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Construction and Land Loans
Construction and Land Loans

Construction and Land Loans 

When it comes to construction funding, a quick closing can mean the difference between a profitable project built on time and under budget or another lost opportunity. Given the risk that comes with rapidly changing market conditions, Finrok Group USA certainty can be a game changer for the experienced builder.


Construction loan is used to finance the construction of a new development project or a re-development project and the funds is advanced incrementally during construction as work progresses. And to minimize your borrowing costs, the loans are structured with multiple loan advances to ensure you only pay interest on the advance funds.


Also the construction loan can be closed in conjunction with the acquisition of the property. And we have funds available for acquisitions of both raw land and serviced land. Funding options includes private and private banking institutions lenders.


Land servicing and construction loans are available for all asset classes, from a modest spec home, a subdivision, or a condominium to an office complex. We will work with you to understand your particular needs and we'll suggest creative solutions to finance your project. We'll approach your situation based on who you are, not a pre-printed rule book, and we'll do what we say we will do.

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