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Team Member Bio#2

Gaspare Santaguida - Chief Executive Officer


Gaspare Santaguida is a graduate of York University, Toronto Canada in 1988, and is an accounting professional with a strong background in real estate development and capital raises.


Gaspare has a colorful resume that includes having worked as a Chief Financial Officer for various public companies including Avante Security Inc. and Aztech Technologies. As well, Gaspare has experience as a Controller for multi-national firms including Securitas Canada Inc. Having worked as an accountant and income tax preparer for several years, and have developed a strong background in financial management and consulting.


Gaspare is a highly skilled business planner and business consultant, and has written over 3,000 business plans during his career and in the process, raised millions of dollars in debt and equity raises.


In addition, Gaspare also has a background in construction and real estate development. His background and experience makes him a strong asset in the fields of real estate development, financial management consulting and capital raises.

Gaspare Santaguida can be reached via below. 

Tel: (866) 496-1220 - ext 245 toll usa/cdn 

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