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Team Member Bio#1

Mike McCalla - Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

Mike McCalla brings a wealth of experience to the structured finance business and capital raise. His experience extends over a wide range of businesses and industries, including the electronic/computer industry, real estate industry, sales, marketing, banking and business consulting and business financing, includes experience in asset-based lending and capital market financing, accounts receivable financing, equipment financing, special purpose capital, mezzanine and equity transactions.

Mike has more than 30 plus years experience in the finance industry, and have originated more than $500M in portfolio of mortgages. Also was the cofounder and managing director of a Mortgage Investment Corporation [MIC]. And was also the President and CEO of a publicly traded company.


Mike has a diverse range of knowledge and experience, which makes him an integral part of the Finrok Group team. Mike makes things happen, successfully completing challenging and multi-task projects, and will continue to bring his experience and expertise to the management and lending underwriting guidelines.


Mike graduated with honors in the computer science and electronics field, including economics and finance. His success can be attributed to the knowledge attained from his broad exposure to the structured finance business and the long standing relationships he has made with established individuals in the various finance industries.

Mike McCalla can be reached via below.

Tel: (877) 982-2744 - direct toll usa/cdn or

Tel: (866) 496-1220 - ext 240

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