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When it comes to Structured Finance, Project Development and Equity Participation Capital, we work with and approach every borrower from a "full service mindset", with Capital Infusion being the ultimate goal. We have the Knowledge, the Insight, the Flexibility and the Creativity to review projects of every type of funding for almost every purpose: Construction, Purchase, Cash-out, Term Refinancing, Restructurings, Short and Long Term Financing, Note Discounted Payoffs, Purchase of Notes, Property Retrofit and Improvements.


Drawing from various resources, including Portfolio Lenders, Commercial Banks, Private Banking institutions and Private Lenders. We provide Structured Finance for borrowers in unique and time-sensitive situations from $1.50M with loan amounts up to $500M nationwide within the USA/Canada, and International Loans from $5M, but have a preference from $10M US dollars and up. We provide loans for various types of commercial properties including the following:

  • Construction Loans

  • Land & Development Loans

  • Mixed-Use Buildings

  • Hotel & Motel Buildings

  • Fix & Flip Loan Programs 

  • Warehouse/Industrial Buildings

  • Multi-Family Buildings

  • Retail/Office Buildings

  • Auto Related Buildings 

  • Self-Storage Buildings  

  • Mobile Home & RV Parks

  • Assisted & Retirement Homes

Equity Participation Capital:

We provide equity participation capital enabling the best choice in capital structuring for both domestic and international clients. If you are a real estate property developer or builder in need of equity participation capital for your project or if you are a entrepreneur looking for equity capital for your business, without giving up control of your project or company! Then contact us today, to learn how we can assist you facilitate a structured equity participation capital for your project or business venture. Minimum Capital Facility $25M US dollar. Read More...

Finrok Group USA recognized that access to debt or equity capital can be a monumental undertaking. Providing the best solution for a particular situation takes knowledge and hard work as no two transactions are ever the same. We have the knowledge and the insight to guide you throughout the entire structured finance and equity participation capital process.

Different Programs for Different Needs:

Our Fund Managers are diligently seeking borrowers with viable projects who have experienced difficulty in obtaining the financing via conventional channels and in need of a structured finance loan or a structured equity participation capital. We offers a full array of structured finance loan programs designed to meet a variety of needs, making commercial real estate loans and structured debt and equity participation capital easy—and quick!

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