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We offer Equity Participation & Joint Venture Financing for Commercial Real Estate. With flexibility on property situations including, Value-Added Acquisitions and Rehab/Restoration on various property types. 

Structured Financing for Acquisitions, Refinances, Recapitalization



Investment Leverage: up to 100%.

Investment Terms: up to 60 months.

Investment Rates: Low to Mid-Teens.

Investment Equity Amounts: up to $5M.

Property Type: Commercial Real Estate Property.

Property Condition: Stabilized, Value-Add Opportunities.

Property Locations: Urban and Suburban Nationwide USA. 

Capital Structure: Senior First, Preferred Equity or Hybrid Structure. 

Investment Capital for all types of commercial real estate including but not limited to multifamily, office, retail, self-storage, mixed use, medical buildings, hotels, and light industrial.     

Equity Participation & Joint Venture Asset Class Investment

  • Multi-Family Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Flex Space Buildings 

  • Warehouse Buildings

  • Senior Living Buildings

  • Hotel & Motel Buildings

  • Mixed-Use Buildings

  • Medical Buildings 

  • Hospitality Buildings

  • Retail/Office Buildings

  • Student Housing Buildings 

  • Auto & Gas Stations Buildings

Investments are structured in numerous capital forms including equity, preferred equity, mezzanine loans, and senior loans, and will determine the capital structure for a particular transaction on the merits of the investment basis, and capital preservation.


We are also open to all types of situations including stabilized cash flowing deals, Value-Added deals and even distressed deals.

We have the knowledge, the insight, the flexibility and the creativity to review projects of every type of funding for almost every purpose, as no two transactions are ever the same.


Our Fund Managers are diligently seeking borrowers with viable projects who have experienced difficulty in obtaining the equity financing, and in-need to close a time-sensitive transaction in a unique situation or a Value-Added opportunity.

One Call or a Quick Application is all it takes to get started.

 Easy and Quick Closing!

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Finrok Group USA

Toll free: (877) 982-2744 or

(866) 496-1220 ext 240 Skype: Finrokgroup 

Mike McCalla, Managing Director

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